You do not want to break your iPhone X screen without AppleCare

Handle with care.
Handle with care.
Image: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez
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Congratulations to those of you who managed to purchase Apple’s latest designer rectangle, the iPhone X. Hopefully while you were buying your new phone, you either purchased AppleCare, Apple’s extended-warranty service, or a very sturdy case.

If you didn’t, you might want to put your phone down somewhere safe and run back to the Apple store. It turns out the iPhone X, which is apparently quite fragile, costs an absolute fortune to fix—on top of the fortune it costs to buy one.

Replacing a cracked screen without AppleCare on the iPhone X will set you back $279, according to Apple’s servicing website. Fixing any other damage to the phone—which includes breaking the glass on the back of the device, Quartz confirmed with an AppleCare representative—costs a whopping $549. That’s the same price as a new iPhone 7.

Somewhat mercifully, those costs drop to $29 and $99 respectively, if you buy AppleCare for the phone. And if you purchased your iPhone through the iPhone Upgrade Program, the cost of AppleCare is included in your monthly payments.