Yahoo Finance is cashing in on the bitcoin boom with 100 pages of cryptocurrency quotes

Flying high.
Flying high.
Image: Reuters/Lucas Jackson
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Yahoo Finance may not be the first brand-name that comes to mind when you think of the cryptocurrency markets, but that could soon change.

The finance portal belonging to Yahoo, which is a subsidiary of the AOL-Yahoo merged entity Oath (owned by Verizon), said it just listed more than 100 pages of price quotes for various cryptocurrencies. These range from the established—like bitcoin—to the obscure, like DigiByte, Cardano, or IOTA. The cryptocurrency pricing data comes from a London-based website called CryptoCompare, a provider of pricing, volume, and other trading data in the cryptocurrency markets.

Yahoo Finance and Google Finance traffic compared
Yahoo Finance and Google Finance traffic compared
Image: SimilarWeb

The presence of cryptocurrency quote pages on Yahoo Finance means that Yahoo users will be able to track the performance of these assets within their personal portfolios hosted on the site. It makes following the often volatile price of cryptocurrencies more convenient for Yahoo Finance’s 75 million monthly active users—and exposes the still esoteric asset class to a mainstream audience. The finance portal has been adding features to engage its users more actively, like introducing stock trading from within its mobile app in September, according to Techcrunch.

Yahoo Finance trounces the competition. It had 156 million visits in October compared to Google Finance’s 79 million visits, according to web traffic data site SimilarWeb. The portal will hope to keep crypto traders on the website by adding a news feed from trade publication CoinDesk to all the cryptocurrency price pages, it also announced today. For a now fusty web pioneer, the cryptocurrency trading frenzy should add plenty of excitement to its financial pages.