You’ve missed your chance to give AirPods as a Christmas present

Image: Reuters/Beck Diefenbach
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If you’re hoping that someone is going to bring you the gift of wireless music this Christmas, hopefully they already bought you a pair of AirPods, or are going with another brand.

It seems that Apple is currently sold out of AirPods on its US and UK sites, giving shipping dates into the new year, as MacRumors first spotted. Big retailers like Best Buy and Target, or John Lewis in the UK, are either running low on supplies, or are themselves sold out. Walmart can get you a pair by Dec. 26, if your loved ones are fine with being a bit patient, and you’re fine with paying $30 more than the retail price.

You might be able to snag a pair at a local electronics retailer or a store that might have a few still kicking around on the shelves, but if you were hoping to buy them online before the big day, your options are few and far between.

The Apple Watch, however, Apple’s other unrealistic stocking stuffer, is still very much available.