“I bring the same money, the same system, the same concepts and ideas—especially about money—that Lincoln brought so long ago,” Jenkins told Fox News. He drew often dubious parallels to himself and Lincoln on his campaign website. (“I sometimes feel that abortion today has a parallel to slavery in Abraham Lincoln’s day,” begins one item).

Elections have always drawn fringe candidates with odd and entertaining schticks (paywall). But the election of Donald Trump, a reality-TV star whose campaign tactics were mocked by opponents right up until they worked, creates a case for taking them more seriously. Would Utah’s Republican convention cast a significant number of votes for a candidate who built his platform around a physical resemblance to the 16th president?

Well, No. At Saturday’s Republican convention, only two of the 12 candidates made it to a second vote. On the second vote, 50.88% of votes went to Utah congressman Mike Kennedy, and 49.12% went to Romney.

Jenkins, meanwhile, appears to be launching a career as a Lincoln impersonator.

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