Trump was also furious when he found out that the omnibus spending bill that funded the federal government this March barely contained any funding for the wall.

Last week, Nielsen drafted a resignation letter but did not send it, the New York Times reported, after Trump erupted in a meeting over what he sees as loopholes allowing illegal immigration. Nielsen denied that she “threatened to resign,” at a Senate hearing this week. During a meeting at the White House today attended by reporters, Trump praised Nielsen, saying she was doing “a good job, and it’s not an easy job.” (About Homan, Trump said, “There’s no such thing as retirement for Tom.”)

Under Nielsen, the DHS has pushed many of the Trump administration’s hardline immigration priorities, which have been referred to as a “mild form of ethnic cleansing.” The agency ended “Temporary Permanent Status” for hundreds of thousands of US residents, many with children who are American citizens. It has relied on misleading statistics to raise concerns about immigrant crime and Trump officials say it plans to separate immigrant children from their parents even if the families are seeking asylum.

In January, Nielsen barred all but a few close DHS allies from speaking to Congress on immigration, angering some top officials there.

Critics say the DHS’s anti-immigration focus has come at the expense of the nation’s security, and of fighting home-grown extremism and threats to US cybersecurity.

Nielsen’s start date at DHS was originally misidentified as December 2016.

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