Donald Trump mistook a woman’s husband for the real congress member

It’s congresswoman Lesko, not missus.
It’s congresswoman Lesko, not missus.
Image: AP Photo/Matt York
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Headlining the May 22 Susan B. Anthony List gala dinner, an event organized by an anti-abortion organization, Donald Trump gave shoutouts to a long list of male attendees.

Among the congress members present, there were just as many men named Steve as there were women. There were also one too many men in Trump’s roll call: The imaginary congressman Joe Lesko.

“Congressman Joe Lesko and Debbie—Mrs. Lesko!” he shouted out from the podium, “Where are you? Thank you, folks.  Thank you, Debbie. Thank you.”

The thing is, Joe Lesko is not a congress member. Debbie Lesko is. She won the Arizona special election and assumed office just over two weeks ago, replacing Trent Frank. She is one of only 22 female Republican representatives in the House.