Trump honored a lot of Kevins and Steves at this week’s anti-abortion gala

Find the odd one out.
Find the odd one out.
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Donald Trump headlined an anti-abortion gala on Tuesday. His speech praised activists working to limit abortion’s availability in the United States, quoted the Bible, and credited the members of congress in the audience.

The event was hosted by the Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion organization that promotes politicians, especially women, who will support its agenda. But a transcript of Trump’s remarks acknowledging congressional representatives reveals just how few women were actually present:

  1. “[T]he legend from Louisiana, a very brave guy, Steve Scalise […] Steve, stand. You have no problems standing. This guy is in better shape than all of us.”
  2. Kevin Brady. Where is Kevin? What a man he is.”
  3. “Steve Daines. Steve Daines. Hi, Steve.  (Applause.) Thank you, Steve.  Great.”
  4. “Where’s Roger Wicker?  Roger.  Roger.  (Applause.)  Right.”
  5. “A man who has been so incredible on television to me, Andy Biggs. Congressman Andy Biggs.  Where’s Andy? (Applause.) Thank you, Andy. Now I don’t have to call you and thank you. (Laughs.) Thank you, Andy.”
  6. Marsha Blackburn. Marsha, good luck. (Applause.) Will hopefully be our next senator from the great, great, great state of Tennessee.”
  7. “Where’s Steve Chabot? Where is Steve? Steve. (Applause.) Steve. Steve. How are you, Steve? Good help.”
  8. Kevin Cramer, who is leading. He’s leading in his Senate rate. Kevin. Where is Kevin?  (Applause.) Kevin, you’re leading.”
  9. Sean Duffy. Where is Sean? Where is Sean? (Applause.) Thank you, Sean. Great job.”
  10. Ron Estes. Ron. Thank you, Ron.”
  11. Jeff Fortenberry. Jeff. Thank you, Jeff. Good job.”
  12. “A friend of mine for a long time, Virginia Foxx. Virginia. (Applause.) Thanks, Virginia.”
  13. “Where is he?  Boy, he is a good—he is a good campaigner. Great job. (Applause.) Great job.” [Speaking about Greg Gianforte, accompanied by his wife Susan.]
  14. “[Andy Harris, with his wife Nicole] Stand up, please. Thank you. Great. Thank you. (Applause.)”
  15. “NCAA Champion for numerous years. Like, I’m not sure he ever lost a match. Somebody said he’s like 141 and 1, but that’s not bad. Jim Jordan. Where is he? (Applause.) Jim Jordan. Where is Jim? He is—thanks, Jim. Thanks. Great champion.”
  16. Mike Kelly. I watched him the other day. He was debating Maxine Waters. That was not a close debate. (Applause.) That was not a close debate, Mike. They should all be so easy. Right, Mike?”
  17. “Congressman Steve King. (Applause.) Do you think Steve is conservative enough? Where is Steve? Hi, Steve. Is Steve conservative enough, folks? I don’t know. You don’t get more conservative than Steve, right? Thank you, Steve.”
  18. “Congressman Joe Lesko and Debbie—Mrs. Lesko. (Applause.) Where are you? Thank you, folks.” [Debbie Lesko, not Joe, is the member of Congress.]
  19. Dan Lipinski. (Applause.) Thanks, Dan.”
  20. Keith Rothfus. (Applause.) Good person. Thank you, Keith. Great job. Great job you’re doing.”
  21. “Oh, this man. Central casting. I watch him all the time. Don’t know him well, but I’ll get to know him. John Rutherford. Where is he? John. Central casting. (Applause.) Great job, John.  He’s always defending me.”
  22. “And from my neck of the woods, Claudia Tenney. Thank you, Claudia. Thank you.”

As evidenced by the frequency of the name “Steve,” congressional representation at the event did not exactly represent the typical demographic of abortion patients. Out of 22 congresspeople recognized by Trump, 18 were white men. The majority of Americans who request abortions are women of color.