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The already-legendary Trump baby balloon has taken flight over London

Demonstrators fly a blimp portraying U.S. President Donald Trump, in Parliament Square, during the visit by Trump and First Lady Melania Trump in London
Reuters/Peter Nicholls
Taking flight.
By Edmund Heaphy
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

President Donald Trump presumably never wants to be seen wearing a diaper, and least of all while floating over Britain’s Houses of Parliament. But—right at this very moment—the now-fabled Trump baby balloon is soaring high, close to the historic Palace of Westminster in London.

A group of anti-Trump campaigners raised around £18,000 ($24,000) to create an orange-hued, mobile phone-clutching 19.6 feet-tall inflatable baby Trump. And London mayor Sadiq Khan—known for sparring with Trump about immigration—gave his permission for it to be cast up to 98 ft into the sky.

Reuters/Peter Nicholls
Campaigners raised around £18,000 ($24,000) to create the Trump baby balloon.

Later today, around 60,000 people are expected to descend on the streets of central London for an hours-long march and rally that’s set to culminate at Trafalgar Square.

Reuters/Peter Nicholls
The Trump baby is inflated on Parliament Square in London.

Any potential sympathy for the US president has likely already vaporized: Last night, less than 24 hours into his visit, he upended all kinds of norms by threatening to kill off a US trade deal with Britain. He’s now on his way to UK prime minister Theresa May’s country home for what is likely to be an awkward encounter.

Reuters/Peter Nicholls
Proud parents.

He’ll then meet the Queen later, before heading to Scotland, where police declined a request for the balloon to be allowed to fly over Trump’s Turnberry golf course, for the weekend.

AP Photo/Matt Dunham
The Trump baby floats behind a statue of British prime minister Winston Churchill.
Reuters/Peter Nicholls
Tens of thousands of Britons are expected to protest Trump’s visit later today.

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