Hurricane Michael has devastated parts of the Florida coast. At least 12 people have been reported killed so far since it hit on Wednesday (Oct. 10). Communities have been decimated, and officials are still barring evacuated residents from returning home.

At its peak, the storm had sustained winds of 135 knots (155 mph or 250km/h), classifying it as a Category 4 storm—and close to being a Category 5, which has wind speeds starting at 137 knots.

There have been 24 north Atlantic hurricanes since 1968 that had sustained wind speeds of at least 135 knots. Prior to Michael, the most recent was Hurricane Joaquin, which wrecked the Bahamas when it hit in 2015. The strongest on record was Hurricane Allen in 1980, which had wind speeds up to 165 knots and left more than 200 people dead. In the map above you can see the path of all 24 hurricanes, including Michael.

* Maximum sustained wind speed