Nobody knows how much the HTC “blockchain phone” will actually cost

High tech at an uncertain price.
High tech at an uncertain price.
Image: https://www.htcexodus.com/
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Are you sick of breeding digital cats on your computer? Would you rather create CryptoKitties on the go? If so, HTC thinks it has the phone for you—the Exodus 1, the company’s first “blockchain phone,” which is expected to ship in December.

There’s just one catch: You’ll have to buy it with crypto. On the HTC website, the Exodus 1 is listed for 0.15 bitcoins or 4.78 ether. At current prices, that’s about $970, or roughly the starting price of an iPhone Xs ($999). But, considering the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets, that could easily be more than $1,000 (or perhaps less than $800) sometime next week.

Indeed, various reports have noted that the phone costs about $950 or $960—and nobody is really wrong. The price just keeps on changing.

Whichever way the crypto markets go, either HTC or its customers are bound to be disappointed. If bitcoin and ether tank, HTC corporate probably won’t be thrilled. If crypto explodes again, there’s going to be some serious buyer’s remorse.