Halloween is for the 40-year-olds

Justin Trudeau when he was in his Halloween prime.
Justin Trudeau when he was in his Halloween prime.
Image: Reuters
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If you could only celebrate one holiday, Halloween or Thanksgiving, which would you choose? A new survey finds it depends a lot on your age.

The survey firm YouGov recently asked the question of nearly 3,000 people in the US: 76% of Americans chose Thanksgiving, 19% Halloween, and 5% were not sure. But the differences across age groups were stark. While only 9% of people 55 or older chose Halloween, 33% of 35-44 year-olds like the spookier holiday more, the most of any age group.

The survey didn’t ask why these younger adults chose Halloween. Perhaps it is the fun of dressing up kids, or for those without them, the joy of going to parties where people are more mature. It could also be that Thanksgiving is less appealing at that age, with the pressures of seeing family and taking care of young children.

Regardless, enthusiasm for Halloween plummets once Americans enter the 45-54 year-old group.