A short list of the most important people shaping streaming TV

A short list of the most important people shaping streaming TV
Image: Illustration by Quartz, photos via (left to right) Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, AP Photo/Manu Fernandez
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Streaming video is being overhauled as legacy media companies start to embrace it as the future of TV.

There’s more TV content online now than ever before, from live sports to big-budget dramas. Companies like Netflix are getting more inventive with what a “show” is, experimenting with things like interactive, choose-your-own-adventure episodes. Recent offerings from Amazon and Hulu are blending live TV with on-demand movies and series. We’re in the early stages of being able to search for content simply by speaking, and having that content curated or personalized to fit our tastes. There are packages at every price point from free, to around $40 per month for live TV channels. Services are sprouting for every interest like classic movies, horror, and entertainment news. And the tech is getting better, so you can watch from your phone without demolishing your monthly data allowance, or in high resolutions on a 4K TV at home.

Powerful US companies like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney, and WarnerMedia’s HBO will be driving a lot of that change. The people running their streaming businesses will shape what we watch and how we watch it. Here’s a short list of the power players you should know.