Sky is now being tested by players around the world, and Chen expects the game to be released sometime in 2019. However, he’s not promising a specific release date at the moment—and some eager gamers have been grumbling about delays, given that the game was first announced in January of this year. Chen says he doesn’t want to compromise the game by rushing it out before he knows it’s the best experience it can be for new players.

But he’s certain that when Sky does come out, it will make players feel differently about themselves and about video games than they did before. Chen explains that there was a running joke among designers when he began designing games in 2006. “When a video game finally makes you cry, you’ll know you’ve finally made it.” Back then, this lofty goal seemed like a distant dream. Now, thanks in great part to his contributions and his passion, it’s reality. “Today,” Chen says, “this is no longer a question.”

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