The products serving the gig economy, according to Amazon

A favorite tool of the Airbnb host.
A favorite tool of the Airbnb host.
Image: Amazon
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The gig economy has side effects. In addition to creating a new set of jobs and income sources for people across the world, companies like Airbnb and Uber also spur demand for some surprising products. Airbnb hosts and Uber drivers have needs, like soap and shampoo dispensers and multi-device cell phone chargers, and manufacturers are here to service them.

Data for the sale of niche products are rarely public. But by turning to Amazon, we can get an illuminating glimpse into what the gig economy has wrought. A search of Amazon for the names of some of the major gig economy companies reveals many products sellers are pushing towards Uber drivers, Door Dashers, Airbnb Hosts and more. Here are a few we found notable. We ignored books, which are the most common result for nearly every search.

All images are from their respective Amazon product pages.