West Virginia is for lovers—of AOL

Still kicking around.
Still kicking around.
Image: Reuters/Andrew Kelly
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West Virginia might be the last great AOL holdout in the US. According to data collected from around 400,000 users of Unroll.Me, a service for canceling and consolidating email subscriptions, AOL is most popular as a mail service in West Virginia, where nearly 12% of Unroll.Me members still hear from the “You’ve Got Mail” guy every morning. By comparison, the average for Unroll.Me members in all 50 states was a mere 5.5%. West Virginia wasn’t alone; Florida, New Jersey, and Delaware all have an AOL user base over 10% .

West Virginia came in second place in terms of the popularity of Yahoo’s email service; about a third of West Virginians used it for email. The country’s most Yahoo-happy state? Mississippi, with a staggering 35.5%. In both West Virginia and Mississippi, Gmail only had around 11% and 13% more users respectively than Yahoo (45% and 47% used Gmail, respectively).

On average, states had 34% more Gmail users than Yahoo users according to Unroll.Me’s user count. The reason could be partly because Mississippi and West Virginia are poorer than most states, and perhaps as a result, less tech-savvy. Florida has the oldest population in the US, and West Virginia, New Jersey and Delaware aren’t far behind. The next time you schlep to your grandma’s in Boca, introduce her to Google.

Correction: An early version of this post referred to Missouri as the state with the most Yahoo email users enrolled in Unroll.Me. In fact, Mississippi is the leading state.