Putting members at the heart of Quartz

The all-new version of Quartz for iOS.
The all-new version of Quartz for iOS.
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Today we’re unveiling new versions of QZ.com and our iOS app that are intended to better serve our loyal readers and put members at the heart of Quartz.

You’ll find the biggest new feature at the center of our website and app: a continually updated briefing of the day’s most interesting and important business news, selected and summarized by our journalists around the world. As always, we’ll link to Quartz original reporting and a wide range of other sources.

The briefing reflects Quartz’s lens on the global economy and our respect for your time. In just a few minutes, it should leave you feeling caught up, informed, and exposed to a wide range of perspectives—not just the news, but the context to understand it, as well as stories to fuel your curiosity, with avenues to explore and engage more deeply if you choose.

That’s why the briefing features contributions from our newsroom, Quartz Pros, and Quartz members. Our members reflect many of the best qualities of Quartz—smart, curious, creative, diverse, and ambitious—and we’re excited to feature their contributions front-and-center in the briefing and throughout the rest of Quartz. Only members can leave contributions, and we review them all, featuring those that enhance our coverage with new information or insights.

Members will find lots of other new features to improve their experience of Quartz. We’ve created a new member library that now houses all of our member-exclusive guides, video series, and stories. And you can now tell us about your obsessions, which will help us personalize your experience of membership over time.

If you’re not already a Quartz member, we hope you’ll consider becoming one. Members get unlimited access to all of our articles, weekly guides to the new global economy, award-winning documentary series, and opportunities to engage more deeply with our newsroom through conference calls and asking questions of our reporters. You can try it free for seven days, and for a limited time, we’re offering 40% off the first year of membership.

There are many other new features you’ll encounter on the website and iOS app—too many to list here. (OK, here’s one: Both now support dark mode!) Android users, we will have a new version of the app, with all the same new features, next month.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you think, so please let us know at hi@qz.com. Thanks!