Which new streaming service is right for you?

Make your choice.
Make your choice.
Image: (Left to right): WarnerMedia, Disney, Apple, NBCUniversal
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The streaming wars have begun and there’s suddenly a lot more TV to watch: Apple’s new service, Apple TV+, launched Nov. 1. Disney’s offering, Disney+, debuts Nov. 12. NBCUniversal’s Peacock and WarnerMedia’s HBO Max will be available in April and May, respectively.

With the emergence of so many new platforms, the entertainment landscape has become a confusing jungle to navigate. Simply making an informed choice about which service to subscribe to can be more frustrating than exciting.

Some of you will no doubt sign up for more than one of these new streaming services. Others will decide they’re fine with their existing Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon subscriptions and eschew the new guys altogether. But if you need some guidance figuring out which new option is best for your particular viewing habits, let Quartz help you out with our quiz:

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