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In 2014, Kate Ryder founded Maven, a virtual clinic and benefits company, which partners with employers and health plans to offer medical services across pre-conception, fertility, pregnancy, and early parenting. Since its launch, Maven has supported more than five million women and families across the globe.

In the inaugural episode of Zach Seward in Conversation, Maven’s CEO joins the CEO of Quartz to discuss how smart companies are evolving their policies to ease the burdens of working parents and, ultimately, to retain them, from the ability to go part-time and having a flexible schedule to backup childcare options, parenting coaching, and on-demand mental health support.

The two examine the current headspace of working parents and how leaders can reduce the stigma around flexible work, model flexibility and parental realness themselves, and prove to their teams that everyone wins when businesses invest in parents.

As executives grapple with extending improvised tactics used at the height of the pandemic for working moms and dads long term, company-provided parental benefits may just be the new ping-pong table and free lunch.

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