Watch: Prudential President Jamie Kalamarides on better financial resilience for employees

The latest episode of our Make Business Better livestream

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In recent years, fair compensation has become an important issue across industries, with conversations about the federal minimum wage, workplace unions, and salary transparency dominating multiple news cycles. While these discussions have become catalysts for positive societal change, overall employee financial wellness is about more than just the weekly take-home.

In this episode of Make Business Better, Prudential Insurance Group President Jamie Kalamarides makes the business case for helping employees cultivate greater financial resilience.

The economic toll of the Covid-19 pandemic on workers worldwide has emphasized the need for paid employee leave and affordable healthcare and a reexamination of standard employee benefit practices that both companies and governments can use to support financial wellness and economic equality.

Make Business Better: Quartz CEO Zach Seward in conversation with Prudential’s Jamie Kalamarides

To make real progress toward these goals, the public and private sectors will have to work together to prioritize mending these gaps, suggests Kalamarides. Join him and Quartz CEO Zach Seward as they highlight policy shortcomings, the broad spectrum of “work” in the present day, the implications of a narrowing middle class, and Prudential’s own financial wellness initiatives.

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