Find the closest unionized Starbucks to you with this map

Image: Reuters/Lindsay DeDario
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It’s easier to drink Starbucks coffee while supporting unions than it has ever been before. Nearly 190 stores in 30 states have won their union elections, and 313 stores in 36 states have filed to unionize.

And Starbucks the corporation isn’t happy about it.

Starbucks has responded to union efforts with its own anti-union campaign, according to workers. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has said that he has no plans to embrace the union effort and referred to the Starbucks Workers United union as a “third party.”

Map of every unionized Starbucks

We put together a map of unionized Starbucks locations that you can use to find the closest one to you. Enter your address, zip code, or city below to see which union shop exists nearest you:

Starbucks has already closed some unionized stores

Some recently unionized Starbucks stores have already been shut down. In July, Starbucks announced that it was closing 16 US stores over safety issues in and around the locations, such as drug use and disruptive behavior that threatened staff. Workers were critical of the company for not consulting them over the closings and making more effort to provide a safe working environment for their employees.

Two stores that are being closed in Seattle were unionized, and one in Portland had planned on holding a union vote next month. The Starbucks union has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) alleging that the closures are retaliative and an attempt to chill union activity.

In early June, Starbucks also closed a unionized store in Ithaca that had gone on strike in response to a broken grease trap.

How Starbucks is treating unionizing stores

Employees at unionizing shops have said that the company is threatening to withhold travel benefits for abortion and gender-affirming care at shops that are unionizing. (For its part, Starbucks has said that employees enrolled in Starbucks healthcare will have access to the travel benefits, but it can’t make guarantees of benefits for unionized stores because of the bargaining process).

Workers also suspect that a plan to combine three stores into a new customer experience called Heritage Market in Seattle is part of the company’s union-busting effort. The move allowed Starbucks to lay off several workers, and get around the NLRB’s ruling that every store would be responsible for its own union election, workers said.