Every year, the Aspen Institute opens its doors to a curious and eager wider world, inviting the public to take in the Aspen Ideas Festival, which attracts a diverse lineup of thinkers from across the globe. This year’s moment has arrived. Festival organizers have once again put together an ambitious and varied program, with seminars and panels running simultaneously across the campus in the cool, dry air of this summer resort town.

Use the interactive tool above to explore this year’s speaker list. You can search and sort based on speaker name, gender, industry, Wikipedia presence, and standing as a published author.

Attendees will not be listening to a dry series of lectures read from a lectern; in the Aspen tradition, sessions are designed to be informal and interdisciplinary, and they will allow for the kind of serendipity that has often made for the festival’s most memorable moments.

As the festival celebrates its 10th anniversary, speakers and audience alike will be casting their eyes forward. Imagining 2024 will be the theme as participants consider what the next 10 years will bring, and the discussion will be organized along program tracks such as Global Dynamics, Arts, and Work. What innovations will take the lead in addressing climate change, solving health crises, and shaping the metropolis? How will arts and ideas shape who we are and how we understand ourselves?

The lineup of speakers who will tackle these questions includes, to give a sampling, the following names: Kwame Anthony Appiah of New York University; Zoë Baird, president of the Markle Foundation; Anne-Marie Slaughter, president and CEO of the New America Foundation; Timothy Geithner, formerly the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury; and the playwright, actress, and author Anna Deavere Smith.

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