How will you get to work tomorrow? Check out these 12 Sandy aftermath trackers

Commuters crossing Brooklyn Bridge today.
Commuters crossing Brooklyn Bridge today.
Image: AP Photo / Richard Drew
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Life on the US East Coast is slowly getting a bit more normal. But it will take time. Flights have started to resume at Kennedy International airport and Newark Liberty. But the situation is still really messy with train and commuter rail service in disarray and  more than 6 million households and businesses without power. (Including more than half of New Jersey.)

Luckily, Sandy has produced some truly handy tools ranging from simple lists to multi-layered data interactives that can help you navigate (literally!) your way through the storm’s messy aftermath. Here are some that we’ve found especially useful, and will likely continue to be over the next week or so.

If you know of any other helpful sites that we’ve missed, ping me on Twitter.

  1. New York Times — Tracking the StormConcise updates on transit, power and statements from public officials.
  1. Twitter — #Sandy: Crowd-sourced updates on the storm
  2. Google — Crisis Map: Interactive map of power outages, FEMA-declared disaster zones and traffic.
  3. — Transit Tracker: The latest on all things transport in-and-around New York and New Jersey.
  4. WNYC — Traffic Map: A searchable look at the slow-going on New York byways.
  5. ConEd — Stormcenter: Power outages across the New York area.
  6. AP — Superstorm Situation Report: Damage, comparison to other storms and the power situation across states that got hit.
  7. Reuters — Tracking Storm Sandy Recovery: Photos, videos and tweets sprinkled with straight news updates.
  8. National Hurricane Center — Sandy Graphics Archive: A look back at a slew of storm data via NOAA animations.
  9. Washington Post — Sandy: Storm and Aftermath: A Pinterest-style smattering of photos and weather updates.
  10. New York 1 — Detailed List Of Limited Metro-North, LIRR, Subway Service: A straightforward list of the latest on New York transit.
  11. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority — Rider toolsThe straight guff on Beantown bus, subway and commuter rail.