Designing buildings on a large scale is always going to be complicated. And Azerbaijan is hardly the only place in the world where architects work with suspect governments. Rem Koolhaas and Santiago Calatrava are just two architects whose recent prestige projects (in China and Israel, respectively) have been criticized for giving cultural cover to objectionable policies, but there’s a long history of fraught relationships between architects, their powerful patrons, and the monuments they build together.

Ironically, that’s the topic of The Edifice Complex, a 2005 book by Deyan Sudjic, a former architecture critic—and current head of the Design Museum. He’d do well to include a copy of his book along with the instructions to the next jury and insist that they actually go and visit the buildings they’re claiming to judge. Only one member of the jury did this year.

[This post was updated on August 26 at 4:41am to clarify Hadid’s response to the deaths of workers in Qatar.]

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