Zara has been selling a kids’ T-shirt that looks like a concentration camp uniform

An unfortunate resemblance.
An unfortunate resemblance.
Image: Screenshot from zara.com
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The Spanish clothing giant Zara has been selling a kids’ T-shirt with blue-and-white stripes and a prominent yellow star—which, the Israeli/Palestinian blog +972 pointed out today, closely resembles a concentration-camp uniform.

Zara apologized on Twitter today in response to a torrent of complaints. It says the shirt, which is called “striped ‘Sheriff’ t-shirt,” was inspired by Western films and is no longer available in stores. (In Zara’s defense, Western sheriff’s badges are often depicted as gold or yellow six-pointed stars, though they’re not typically paired with stripes.)

As of the time of writing, the shirt is still available on Zara’s Israeli site for 79 shekels ($22).