You soon won’t be able to escape this bizarre, mysterious Korean music video

You may be humming his tune soon.
You may be humming his tune soon.
Image: S.M. Entertainment
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If you’re in need of a deranged, psychotropic jump-start to your weekend, an enigmatic Korean music producer has you covered.

Hitchhiker, formerly known as Jinu, recently released his song “11” with an accompanying music video that’s likely to stretch your notions of reality and escort you to some region of space-time that is not currently within human ability to understand. It’s crazy.

Once you’ve watched that, you might be wondering, who exactly is the peculiar creature responsible for such a strange music video? Hitchhiker’s on-screen avatar seems to be some sort of shimmering, platinum-encrusted, pixelated hazmat suit.

Luckily, Hitchhiker has put out his own promotional “trailer” that purports to explain who and what he is. But really, it does neither.

The incomprehensible trailer features subtitles in both English and Korean that do not—at all—match up with the French voiceover.

It’s unclear if Hitchhiker’s journey into a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man is in earnest, or if the video is actually a bit of clever viral marketing. The song is catchy enough for people to actually want to listen (that is, if they can endure the odd hand-over-mouth chanting sounds) and it has already gained some traction online.

On the mystery spectrum, Hitchhiker falls somewhere between Daft Punk and Banksy—he’s been involved in the Korean music industry for a while, but this new persona could be an attempt to catapult himself into the “Gangnam Style” stratosphere.