McDonald’s has run out of French fries in Venezuela

Sad fries.
Sad fries.
Image: Reuters/Sam Mircovich
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For the second time in as many months, an entire country is having go without McDonald’s fries. Last month it was Japan, and now it’s Venezuela. Here’s the Associated Press’s Hannah Dreier:

The fast-food giant confirmed the shortage to Quartz. Becca Hary, a company spokeswoman, wouldn’t say what caused the shortfall, but said hungry Venezuelans can still get yuca fries, or corn-based arepas, while McDonald’s sorts out the issue.

The burger chain isn’t the first multinational to run into trouble in Venezuela, where a troubled economy is in recession and inflation is sky-high. Airlines have been complaining for months about the difficulty in getting their cash out the country (paywall), and for the past year or so, there have been shortages of goods like toilet paper and milk.