The new Sonos logo vibrates like a subwoofer

No treble.
No treble.
Image: Bruce Mau Design
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Might Sonos’ new logo foretell the future of logo design? If you scroll up and down through the logo, it vibrates like a set of speakers when someone at your party turns the volume up a bit too high.

The interactive logo by Bruce Mau Design was first picked up by The Verge (via this tweet).

There are plenty of clever logos out there, many of which you may never have even realized were clever, like the white arrow in the FedEx logo.

As cool as some of these logos are, we have yet to find one that reveals a hidden feature when you scroll through it, like Sonos’ does. Animated logos, though, are certainly not new. When you’re at the movies, sometimes you can’t even tell when the studio’s logo ends and the actual film begins.