Watch all of the 2015 Super Bowl movie and TV trailers

Jurassic World
Jurassic World
Image: Universal Pictures
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Super Bowl trailers are an interesting phenomenon. Studios aren’t given enough time to actually show off a full theatrical-style trailer. Instead, they either inundate Super Bowl viewers with uninspired ads for big-box productions that have already been marketed heavily to the public, or they do a quick, mysterious tease for relatively unknown projects designed to generate buzz.

In some cases, these trailers are released prior to Super Bowl Sunday, which to some degree diminishes their allure. 2015 is expected to be a pretty good year for movies, but you might not know it from watching what Hollywood had to offer during the Super Bowl.

Here are all of the movie and TV show trailers that aired during the Super Bowl last night, ranked by likelihood of the movies actually being good, based on this author’s humble opinion (with dates for the films’ release):

Tomorrowland, May 22

Jurassic World, June 12

Pitch Perfect 2, May 15

Kingsman: The Secret Service, February 13

Furious 7, April 3

Heroes Reborn, TBD 2015

Minions, July 10

Seventh Son, February 6

Unfinished Business, March 6

All of the new NBC shows: The Slap (February 12), Allegiance (February 5), Odyssey (April 5), A.D. (April 5), and others.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2, February 20

Fifty Shades of Grey, February 13

Terminator Genisys, July 1

Insurgent, March 20

Ted 2, June 26