A new way—perhaps—to share in the SoulCycle experience: equity

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Buy! Buy!
Image: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton
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SoulCycle, the spin class that doubles as a lifestyle, might be going public, per Reuters.

Now, don’t go unclipping to run over to your broker just yet: the newswire is reporting this is “just one of many options” that the company is considering, with the help of Goldman Sachs. SoulCycle did not immediately respond to a request for comment. While we wait for further developments, enjoy this brief excerpt of a New York Times story (one of many) about the chaos that ensued when the company temporarily closed its Tribeca studio in New York City for renovations:

At the tenoverten nail salon, a frequent pre- and post-workout stop that offers SoulCycle-branded colors, Nadine Ferber, an owner, said she sensed the anxiety. People are “definitely nervous about how they will cope,” she said.

To avoid rock-star-grade meltdowns, SoulCycle has buttressed class offerings at the West Village studio, roughly a mile from the TriBeCa location. But with classes now taking place there every half-hour at peak times, the already mad crush to sign in and find a locker is more of a workout than usual.