Photos: An Oscar-winning cinematographer has the world’s coolest Instagram feed

A master of the lens.
A master of the lens.
Image: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
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Some people are so talented, it’s just not fair. That seems to be the case with Emmanuel Lubezki, perhaps the best cinematographer in the world, who also happens to be a fantastic photographer (the two, of course, are very closely related).

A cinematographer, also called a director of photography, is responsible for how a film looks on screen. If you’ve ever noticed that a film was especially pleasing to the eye, or that certain shots were positioned in interesting ways, it’s most likely the result of some crafty cinematography. And Lubezki, a Mexican who won the Oscar for best cinematography two years in a row (for Gravity and Birdman), and should have won it in 2006 for Children of Men (video), is a master of the camera lens.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that he has an amazing Instagram.

A sleuthy Reddit user noticed that Lubezki’s Instagram account is filled with extraordinary photos he has taken while shooting films. Many of them feature the gorgeous landscapes of Alberta and British Columbia, where he just finished work on The Revenant, a film that reunited him with Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu. The Revenant, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio as the legendary American frontiersman Hugh Glass, comes out in December.

Judging by these photos, he’s already the frontrunner to win the Oscar next year, to make it a three-year sweep. You can see his entire collection on his Instagram account.