As for Manhattan, where H&M is becoming like Starbucks—the gold standard of market saturation—H&M isn’t concerned that stores will cannibalize each other’s sales if they’re in close proximity. “We are gaining market share,” Daniel Kulle, H&M’s North American president, told MarketWatch. “[The stores] aren’t taking share from each other.”

The company has no plans to close any of its stores on 34th Street, a spokesperson for H&M tells Quartz.

The 34th Street Partnership, a nonprofit dedicated to improving business in the district, isn’t complaining about its triplicate H&Ms. “The 34th Street Partnership is elated to have the H&M anchor store in its district,” a spokesperson tells Quartz. “It underscores the strength and vibrancy of the 34th Street retail corridor, whose pedestrian traffic remains unsurpassed.”

In addition to three H&Ms, that corridor also includes Zara, Uniqlo, Gap, Old Navy, and Forever 21.

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