Goldman really, really, really wants to be a tech company

Playing dress up.
Playing dress up.
Image: Reuters/Robert Galbraith
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Pretty much every company these days is trying to position itself as a tech company. As far as corporate jargon goes, it’s right up there with calling your company innovative (paywall).

But Goldman Sachs really, really means it. The banking giant is even holding its annual shareholder meeting in the tech mecca of San Francisco today (May 21), marking only the second time it’s held the annual confab outside of New York (last year it was in Salt Lake City).

Of course, Goldman has had offices on the West Coast for ages and has led some of the hottest tech IPOs of all time, including Twitter. It recently announced a move into the fast-growing online lending business and has been throwing millions of dollars at financial technology startups like Bitcoin-fueled Circle and online investment upstart Motif Investing.

Perhaps some of the Goldman execs will have a chance to slip away from the meeting and take a peek at Silicon Valley’s now notorious Startup Castle.