Jamie Dimon offers to mansplain banking to Elizabeth Warren

He’s at your service, Sen. Warren.
He’s at your service, Sen. Warren.
Image: Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi
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Jamie Dimon, the billionaire CEO of the largest US bank by assets, is a fairly busy guy. But he has kindly offered to clear his schedule to bring Elizabeth Warren up to speed on, you know, banking.

Bloomberg reports that Dimon told a roomful of Chicago-area executives that he was worried that the Massachusetts Democrat—who sits on the Senate banking committee and is well known for her prickly relationship with Wall Street—might not have a sufficiently sophisticated grasp of the intricacies of global finance. According to Bloomberg, Dimon said that his colleagues have “legitimate” concerns about US politicians, including Warren.

“I don’t know if she fully understands the global banking system,” Dimon told a sold-out luncheon hosted by the Executive Club of Chicago. Bloomberg also reported that Dimon offered to meet with Warren at a time of her choosing.