An Uber passenger in Florida is shot during a fight with his driver

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Image: Reuters/Sergio Perez
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Police in Clearwater, Florida say an elderly Uber driver shot his passenger in the foot following an altercation.

According to local TV news channel WFLA, Uber driver Steven Rayow, 74, got into an argument with his passenger, Gregory Mermel, 60. The Clearwater Police Department says the argument escalated into a physical fight. Mermel began choking Rayow, upon which Rayow—who had a concealed-weapons permit—pulled a pistol from his waistband, and the fight ended with Mermel being shot in the foot.

Mermel was treated in local hospital for a gunshot would; no arrests have been made in the case. Uber was not immediately available for comment.

Uber has been at the center of several violent incidents in recent months, including several incidents of alleged assault by drivers against passengers, but also an incident last week in which a crowd of striking French taxi drivers broke Uber car windows and overturned at least one car.