These app mashups are clever, awful, and perhaps inevitable

You don’t have an app for this … yet.
You don’t have an app for this … yet.
Image: Melissa Barra/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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There’s a new app that is nothing but a mashup of two apps. It’s called Bar Roulette, and it uses Uber to whisk you off to a random nearby bar with a high Yelp rating.

That got us thinking about the unending possibilities that lie in combining two or more of the convenience apps that have come to define modern life—mashups along the satirical lines of Ünder, which puts the concepts behind Uber and Tinder together to pair you with an all-in-one driver/date.

We’ve imagined some of the best worst possible mashups, and provided each with a name and a pitch. Send your similarly formatted ideas to The best suggestions will get added to our list.

Name: Blind Date
Apps used: Uber, Yelp, Tinder
Pitch: Get a high-quality date with zero hassle and zero predictability. Blind Date deploys an Uber that sends you to a random bar with a random Tinder match. Your phone will vibrate when your mystery date is nearby!

Name: Helicoptr
Apps used: Shuddle (car rides for kids), GoFor (drone rental)
Pitch: Never lose track of your child. Ever. Use a GoFor on-demand drone to follow your little ones around and make sure they are safe. Then put them in a family-friendly Shuddle car—tracking their progress along the way, of course—and watch them get home in one piece.

Name: Shindig
Apps used: Facebook, Minibar (alcohol), Eaze (marijuana), Lyft
Pitch: Planning parties is hard. Shindig creates a Facebook event for your fiesta, and invites your best friends. We get them to your Shindig with a Lyft carpool. Then, using Minibar and Eaze—which deliver alcohol and marijuana—we even prep you for a night of good old-fashioned substance abuse.

Name: Reserv
Apps used: Uber, OpenTable (restaurant reservations), Yelp
Pitch: We can all agree that the only thing worse than making a reservation is trying to get to one on time. Reserv calls a good, nearby restaurant for you and takes you there at the right time. (Not to be confused with Reserve.)

Name: Best Friend
Apps used: Bond (letters hand-written by robots), Facebook, BloomThat (flowers on-demand)
Pitch: Never again will you appear to have forgotten an important event in your friend’s life. Best Friend sends “hand-written” notes—actually written by robots at Bond—attached to flowers from BloomThat, to commemorate big life events shared on Facebook. You’ll be all over the next birthday, newborn, or mock engagement.

Name: Shadow
Apps used: Uber, Foursquare, Facebook, Instagram
Pitch: Have a friend or former lover on social media who always seems to be at the coolest places in town? Retrace their steps with Shadow. We analyze check-ins across various services and take you the same spots, in the same order. You’ll feel like they’re right by your side.

Name: ChoreNoMore
Apps used: Instacart (groceries), Washio (clothes), GetMaid (maids)
Pitch: ChoreNoMore knows what a grind it is to put things away, be they your favorite food from the supermarket or your freshly laundered clothes. We will coordinate your drop-off schedules from grocery delivery service Instacart and on-demand laundromat Washio, and will make sure a maid from GetMaid arrives at just the right time to put everything away for you.

Name: Nightstand
Apps used: AirBnB, Tinder
Pitch: Need we say more?

Image by Melissa Barra on Flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.