Choice questions from Donald Trump’s disastrous Twitter interview

Image: Reuters/Lucas Jackson
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SeaWorld tried it. Author E.L. James tried it. The New York Police Department tried it. Hillary Clinton tried it.

Given the chaos and ridicule that’s come out of almost every earnest, high-profile Twitter interview (#Ask[blank]) thus far, you’d think Donald Trump would know better than to tempt fate with open audience questions. Or not.

Below are some of the most searing questions received by the mogul-turned-politician during his open question session today (Sept. 21), categorized by their particular strain of outrage.

The solemn:

The scathing:

The absurd:

Trump dutifully answered a smattering of users’ questions in short videos filmed at Twitter’s headquarters in New York City. His answers on illegal immigration, homelessness, and health care, among other topics, stuck to the very basics.

Twitter, meanwhile, proved itself more of a vehicle for public sarcasm and mockery (given its 140-character limit) than a constructive interview space.

“I had a great time at @TwitterNYC,” Trump tweeted after his visit. So too did his detractors.