The Chinese Communist Party released a video of English speakers praising Xi Jinping

Raise a glass for Daddy Xi.
Raise a glass for Daddy Xi.
Image: Reuters/Jason Redmond
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The People’s Daily, the Chinese Communist Party’s official mouthpiece, has released a video of what it calls “international students in Beijing” offering their views on Xi Jinping. They only have good things to say.

Here are some laudatory quotes from the video, which affectionately refers to the Chinese president as “Daddy Xi.” We collected them by randomly jumping around and copying the subtitles; they are not in any way hand-picked.

“He has a very friendly image.”

“If he wants to come to Spain, he will be very welcome.”

“I would love to shake his hands and speak with him.”

“Like an uncle.”


“Close to the Chinese people.”

“I would like a president like this.”

Watch these and more for yourself, straight from the mouths of international Xi appreciators.

The People’s Daily video comes as Xi embarks on his first-ever state visit to the United States. So far he is painting a rather rosy picture despite a constant stream of bad news back in China.