This is the cover of USA Today for “Back to the Future” day

We are in the future.
We are in the future.
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This post has been corrected.

The future, for better or worse, is now. As in—right now. Today, Oct. 21, 2015, is the day in the future that Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to in the 1989 sci-fi classic Back to the Future Part II. Time flies, doesn’t it?

In the year 2015, Doc (Christopher Lloyd) shows McFly (Michael J. Fox) a USA Today newspaper that reveals McFly’s son—who is yet to be born in the film’s present-day 1985—was arrested. This ignites a series of time-travel shenanigans, involving strange sports almanacs, manure trucks, and trips back to 1955.

To honor “Back to the Future Day,” USA Today printed a replica of the paper’s front page featured in the film and wrapped it around tomorrow’s actual newspaper (in the film, McFly reads a copy from Oct. 22, a day after arriving in the future). If you pick up tomorrow’s edition of USA Today, it’ll look like this:

Image for article titled This is the cover of USA Today for “Back to the Future” day
Image: USA Today

The paper remained as faithful as it could to the movie, while taking some creative liberties to expand on articles from the prop version (The paper shown in the movie actually repeated the same text over and over, as props in films and TV shows tend to do.)

For obvious reasons, USA Today replaced the headline “Washington Prepares for Queen Diana’s Visit” from the film to “3D Billboards: Free Speech or Traffic Hazards?” But the other main headlines remain intact: “SlamBall Playoffs Begin,” “Marshall Runs 3 Minute Mile,” and the one Chicago Cubs fans badly wish were true, “Cubs Sweep Series in 5.” (The Cubs, one of Chicago’s Major League Baseball teams, are currently a game away from being eliminated from the playoffs by the New York Mets.)

USA Today, owned by the Gannett Company, is available in all 50 states, and offers subscriptions to its international edition in Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Correction, Oct. 21, 10:30am: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated the date of the newspaper wraparound’s release.