Crayola just made coloring books for adults a mainstream product

Designed for grown-ups.
Designed for grown-ups.
Image: Brit + Co
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Coloring is definitely not just for children anymore. Adult coloring books topped Amazon’s best-sellers list this year, and are being geared toward everyone from intrepid feminists to Game of Thrones fans.

And now, the Crayola crayons brand is taking the genre mainstream with a new line of coloring books for grown-ups. Called “Crayola Color Escapes,” the line includes four themed collections of pattern-heavy, “premium color pages” designed to tap into the well-documented appeal of adult coloring. “Whether it’s about reliving your childhood or tapping into your peaceful place, Color Escapes offer a soothing, creative experience that’s easy to do and easy on your mind,” the company says.

The company also paired up with Brit + Co on a crowdsourced coloring book geared specifically toward millennials. The illustrations were hand drawn by more than 50 artists with a focus on “popular and nostalgic playful patterns,” according to Brit + Co’s website.The book, entitled “Pattern Play,” is being sold exclusively at Target.

These new adult-coloring collections retail at higher price points than typical coloring books, which range from $2 to $10 on Crayola’s website. Brit + Co’s book retails for $10, while “Color Escapes” kits—including colored and water-colored pencils—sell for about $25.

As Crayola’s website points out, the adult coloring books are higher quality than those made for children, which might justify the higher price. They’re also designed for an audience with deeper pockets.

And Crayola could use a boost. Parent company Hallmark Cards has struggled in recent years mostly due to weak greeting-card sales. In 2014, Hallmark’s revenue dropped to $3.8 billion from $3.9 billion the year before.