The entire iTunes Terms and Conditions is now one epic graphic novel

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Image: Courtesy R. Sikoryak
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The terms and conditions that we scroll through to download new apps or install new software are so indecipherable they’re worse than Old English.

Artist R. Sikoryak wants to change that: Drawing on Apple’s jargon-filled legalese, Sikoryak has created iTunes Terms and Conditions, an unabridged graphic novel adaptation of the entire 25-page legal document. The hero of the series is, naturally, Steve Jobs.

“I liked the challenge of using a text which isn’t made to be illustrated,” Sikoryak explained in an email to Quartz. “And it truly resists being visualized in a straightforward way.”

The character Jobs reads out the terms in various familiar guises and styles: Waxing poetic as Snoopy Jobs, reading memos as Dilbert Jobs, and fighting sea creatures as Aquaman Jobs, he monologues across the pages.

Sikoryak, whose Masterpiece Comics series parodies classic literature, has been posting one page of the comic a day on Tumblr since September 17. When he started, he based the work on the September 2014 version of the Terms and Conditions, and has since revised the pages to reflect updates made in June this year. He writes on his Tumblr that the series is a side project, and that though he has no current plans for other terms and conditions, he’s planning an abridged adaptation of Moby Dick.

Follow the adventures of Jobs below as he blows hot air in the worlds of Cathy, Garfield, Dr. Seuss, and others: