Indonesia adds even scarier wildlife to its crocodile-guarded prison plan

Budi Waseso vets potential prison guards.
Budi Waseso vets potential prison guards.
Image: Reuters/Septianda Perdana/Antara Foto
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Indonesia’s fiercely tough-on-drugs government is looking for more ways to keep drug offenders behind bars.

After a recent proposal to build a prison on an island using crocodiles as guards, National Narcotics Agency (BNN) chief Budi Waseso said today (Nov. 13) that he’s thinking about adding tigers and piranhas to the zoological battalion.

According to Reuters, the Indonesian government claims Waseso’s crocodile dreams are a joke, but so far, he’s playing it straight-faced.

“You can’t bribe crocodiles,” Waseso had previously explained. “You can’t convince them to let inmates escape.”

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