GoPro’s big hope for 2016 has a name: Karma

And it seems to take pretty decent footage.
And it seems to take pretty decent footage.
Image: YouTube/GoPro
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GoPro had a pretty rough end to the year. Prices on its newest camera got slashed, seemingly out of lack of interest, and the company’s stock price tumbled to new lows as Wall Street remained unconvinced that the brand had any new tricks up its sleeve. But one of GoPro’s big bets for 2016, a quadcopter drone, is edging closer to a release. And now it has a name: Karma.

The company has been quiet as to what its drone will look like, what it will do, or how it’ll be different from market leaders like DJI’s Phantom line of consumer drones. There’s also not been any word on when the drone will be available or what it will cost. (We’ve asked, and will update this post as warranted.) One hint on the release date is that in unveiling the Karma, the company announced it’s giving away 100 of them in a drawing on April 15, perhaps suggesting a launch date somewhere thereabouts.

With just about every person who likes doing extreme things on camera—or likes putting cameras on their pets—already seemingly in possession of a GoPro camera by now, the company will need new revenue streams if it’s going to have a big 2016. Drones and virtual reality are likely going to be two big areas for the company to focus on in the coming year, but it remains to be seen if GoPro products beyond the company’s little rectangular cameras are better for anything besides buzz.