A woman in India named her child “Uber”

Rolls off the tongue.
Rolls off the tongue.
Image: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu
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Celebrities seem to enjoy giving their kids bizarre names, but ordinary folk need a reason. A woman in India who took an Uber to the hospital decided to name her child after the on-demand taxi service after she ended up giving birth in the cab.

An Uber driver named Shahnawaz picked up three women, one of them pregnant, who wanted to go to a hospital in south Delhi, according to the Times of India. The pregnant woman had apparently made several calls for an ambulance, but having had no response, tried Uber. On the way to the hospital, Shahnawaz had to pull over as it became clear she was about to give birth. He pulled out towels and a bowl for some water—seemingly very prepared for your average cabbie—and the woman gave birth in the back of the cab.

Shahnawaz then rushed the mother, her friends, and the newborn to the hospital for care. ”The doctors asked if I was her husband,” Shahnawaz told the Times of India. I narrated the entire incident after which they congratulated me. This was one of the happiest moment of my life.”

On Sunday (Dec. 13), the woman told Shahnawaz that she intended to name the baby after the taxi service. Uber already has a policy of handing out onesies to mothers that give birth in their cabs, but it’s unclear if there will be any additional perks for mothers who name their kids after the company. 

Hopefully this won’t start a trend of baby names for other app-based or sharing-economy services. No one will want to be friends with little AirBnB, whose parents spent a magical night together in someone else’s apartment on vacation in San Fransisco, or play games with young TaskRabbit, delivered by the person who showed up at mom’s doorstep to help assemble some Ikea furniture. And poor little Seamless will definitely be picked last for any soccer games.