Watch Jimmy Fallon and the cast of “The Force Awakens” perform an a cappella tribute to the Star Wars theme music

Is Chewbacca a bass or baritone?
Is Chewbacca a bass or baritone?
Image: NBC/YouTube screenshot
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Disney has pushed Star Wars: The Force Awakens in about every way imaginable during the film’s seemingly never-ending publicity onslaught. You can buy Star Wars-branded soup and shower curtains, or even fly in an airplane painted to look like the lovable droid R2-D2. For their part, the film’s cast—both old and new—have been out promoting the film on talk shows and red carpets for months.

You can now add singing to the laundry list of promotions. This one, at least, is very fun.

The cast of The Force Awakens appeared on NBC’s The Tonight Show last night (Dec. 15), joining host Jimmy Fallon and the show’s house band The Roots for a spirited a cappella version of composer John Williams’ iconic themes from the franchise.

Harrison Ford appears for a few brief, uninterested seconds at the end. Han Solo is too cool for a cappella.

Fallon might be the best musician you never knew was a musician. Together with the Grammy-winning The Roots, he has concocted some pretty impressive music mashups and covers. His duet with Neil Young (video) was both funny and genuinely good. He’s also done several a cappella renditions before, including a cover of Queen’s “We Are the Champions” (video) with a number of music stars.