The World Economic Forum’s big annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, begins on Jan. 20. Back in 2013, when Quartz first published the names of all Davos attendees, it was still considered confidential. Since then, the forum has made the list public ahead of the conference. We used that official release to create the tool above.

Update (Jan. 14):  The attendee list provided by the WEF isn’t comprehensive. Government officials such as US vice president Joseph Biden and UK prime minister David Cameron are among the attendees WEF has announced that aren’t included on the list.

As in the past, this year’s confab includes government ministers, titans of industry, academics, philanthropists, and royalty from around the world. About 18% of the attendees are women, up slightly from 17% last year. Use our tool to explore the list of those expected to attend, according to the WEF, and follow the rest of Quartz’s coverage here.