The emergency room visits recorded in the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System dataset include brief descriptions of the incidents that brought patients to the hospital. We’ve set up a Twitter bot that tweets those descriptions, which range from sad to funny, brutal to mundane. Here are a few:

We’ve also taken a deep dive into incidents like that last one, where patients landed in the hospital for punching walls. Here’s what the age distribution of those looks like:

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Note: The “other” category in the interactive at the top of this page represents about 100,000 injuries. Of those, about half did not specify a specific injury code. The other 50,000 were made up of: concussions, foreign body-related injuries, burns, dislocation, poisoning, puncturing, hematoma, ingested object, conjunctivitis, avulsion, dental injuries, nerve damage, anoxia, crushing, amputation, aspirated object-related injuries, hemorrhage, submersion, and electric shock.