We think this should indicate 12:58, but are certain the watch read 11:58 when Babin demonstrated. To be honest, we’re not accustomed to telling time this way, but understand it might be an elegant alternative to fumbling for one’s phone in the dark.

What it costs: Approximately $165,000

How many they’ll make: 50 pieces

Breitling: Superocean Chronoworks

Breitling Superocean Chronoworks
Breitling Superocean Chronoworks
Image: Courtesy, Breitling

Why it’s special: This watch has three different chronographs—aka stopwatches—which might be useful for timing your next Formula One race, or your kid’s split at a swim meet. It’s also incredibly energy-efficient, with a power reserve of nearly 100 hours. (Mechanical watches such as these get their energy from a wound spring, not a battery.) That means you can take it off for nearly four days without having to wind and reset it. Just be careful where you leave it.

What it costs: $39,295

How many they’ll make: 100 pieces

Ulysse Nardin: Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon

Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon
Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon
Image: Courtesy, Ulysse Nardin

Why it’s special: This one is for your favorite yachtsman. On the watch’s dial, four little silver pins function like winches (those metal spools you use to crank in the sails) pulling the boom—the pole at the foot of the sail—across the watch’s face over 60 minutes. Every hour, the watch’s “boom” swings back across the its face. (This is the point on an actual boat when you yell “Jibe ho!” or at least politely tell everyone to watch their head.) The dial, made of teeny-tiny strips of inlaid grey oak, actually looks like a miniaturized boat deck.

What it costs: $280,000

How many they’ll make: 18 pieces

Patek Philippe: World Time Chronograph 5930

Patek Philippe World Time Chronograph 5930
Image: Courtesy, Patek Philippe

Why it’s special: Need to ring your girlfriend in Dubai, but don’t want to wake her? Just use the (white gold) pusher at 10 o’clock to turn the time zone of your choice to 12 o’clock. Then, should you wish, you can also use the chronograph to time your phone call. To be honest, we found a few other new Pateks to be far lovelier, but this is the one that has watch enthusiasts wound up (excuse the pun).

What it costs: $73,700

How many they’ll make: undisclosed

Rolex: Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39

Rolex Pearlmaster 39
Rolex Pearlmaster 39
Image: Courtesy, Rolex

Why it’s special: It’s a Rolex covered in diamonds. That said, at just 39 mm, this watch was downright dainty compared to some of the hockey puck-sized cases required to contain the technology of these seriously advanced timepieces. Rolex has 14 patents on the mechanical designs powering this watch, lest you underestimate its technology. It will also tell you the date.

What it costs: $123,750

How many they’ll make: undisclosed

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