It took one day for AMC to realize no one wants texting-friendly movie theaters

This film sucks.
This film sucks.
Image: Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich
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Mea culpa, begs AMC Theatres. The major cinema chain, whose CEO Adam Aron floated the idea of allowing texting in movie theaters to attract more young people this week, has quickly backpedaled.

All it took were a few solid hours of uninterrupted anger and indignation on on social media. Critiques rolled in by the thousands. Aron’s remarks drew everything from dismay (“If this comes to fruition, I’m done,” one movie-goer said) to outright condemnation (“Dumb, dumb, dumb idea!!!!!”)

In a letter posted on Twitter today, Aron reassured cinema enthusiasts that texting in AMC’s theaters—of which there are roughly 400 in the US, making the chain the second-largest in the country—will be permissible “not today, not tomorrow, and not in the foreseeable future.”

And all is well once more.