Latest poll suggests Brexit will probably be Hillary Clinton’s problem

It’s all happening.
It’s all happening.
Image: AP Photo/Julio Cortez
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Given Brexit‘s potential impact on the US economy, America’s next president just got a pretty big item on their to do list. According to at least one poll, that person will probably be Hillary Clinton.

In a presidential matchup held today, 51% of registered voters would choose Clinton and 39% Donald Trump, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Sunday (June 26). In Post-ABC polling, that marks Clinton’s largest lead since late last year.

Other findings:

  • Barack Obama’s 56% approval rating makes him more popular than George W. Bush was in the final months of his presidency
  • 61% of respondents said Clinton is qualified to be president; 64% said Trump is not
  • 61% of respondents said Clinton has a better personality or temperament for the presidency; 28% for Trump
  • 70% of respondents say the idea of a Trump presidency makes them anxious, versus 50% for Clinton

The findings mirror those of a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Friday, which showed Clinton winning 46.6% of likely American voters, compared with 33.3% for Trump.

Hold the victory speech, though. Another poll released Sunday, from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, showed Clinton with a much narrower lead: 46% to 41% in a head-to-head matchup against Trump. When third-party candidates were factored in, her lead dropped to just one percentage point. (In the Post/ABC poll, Clinton won 47% to 37% in a matchup including third-party candidates.)

So, who knows. If Brexit has taught us anything, it’s that polling itself needs a refresh.