The US government has lifted its ban on flights from Turkey

Cleared for takeoff.
Cleared for takeoff.
Image: Reuters/Murad Sezer
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The US government said Monday (July 18) that it has lifted its ban on flights from Turkey to the US, which it issued over the weekend in the wake of a bloody failed coup attempt in the country.

The Federal Aviation Administration had prohibited US commercial and private carriers from flying to and from Turkey. It had also barred all flights (on any carrier) from Turkey from flying into US airports.

The ban prevented Turkish Airlines from flying to the US. The carrier normally offers service from Istanbul to New York, Atlanta, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The airline said on Twitter that it would resume regular service to the US on Tuesday (July 19.)

Travelers can expect lengthy delays from the four-day backup. Other carriers, including British Airways, cancelled some flights to Turkey over the weekend, cutting off travelers trying to get in and out of the country through different routes.

Although the ban has now been lifted, the US government did issue a travel warning suggesting travelers “reconsider” visiting Turkey.